Saturday, March 16, 2013

50 Facts about me!

Hey guys ~ 50 facts about me! (50 -.- woahhh) This is a response to BubzBeauty! :D If youve havent watched her video you should check her out >.< Oh and sorry i havent been posting in a while ive been a bit busy with hw (Mianhae)                                                                            
(Im so tired)(Sorry)
1. I am a Super Junior lover!!! (E.L.F. Forever<3)
2. I LOVE Korea (Like alot )
3. My first Kdrama was Heartstrings (Still love it)
4. When i was little i was able to touch my nose with my tongue (kinda weird but i thought it was cool back then lol)
5.I get really protective when i am taking care of little kids like overprotective i would say lol (i dont let them move heheh jk)
6.I used to play Piano (i liked to use it when i was angry hahha)
7. Every time i brush my teeth i put water on my tooth brush before i put it in my mouth XD (im not sure why i do that...maybe it takes off some of the mint lololol(•¯ ∀ ¯)
8. If i really like a kdrama ill dream about it all day (My fave part i mean hehehe)
9. I secretly like one direction though i tell everyone i dont ( XP )
10.My first kpop song was Girls generation Run Devil Run (at first i was kinda intimidated by kpop because  of that song)
11. I have a phobia of amphibians 
12. I fail at Ullzang ( boohoo)
13. My Room Color is Purple and Bright Green! 
14. Im really bad at Bowling (Maybe thats why i dont like it -.-)
15.I love makeup (though i dont use it alot lol)
16. Im a book lover
17. My favorite thing to do would be sitting next to a nice fire in the winter reading a book. (Makes me feel warm inside if you get what i mean...and because i get into it like if i went into a new world)
18. I Love learning new languages
19. I am currently learning sign language and Korean. 
20. I used to be crazy about Anime. (ok still kinda am >.<)
21. I like shirts with cute girly collars. 
22.My dream is to go to Korea and meet Yesung (XD i know i know thats most kpopers dream)
23.I used to be scared of sleeping alone (i know im weird like that)
24. I have 2 parakeets (one of them is named skyla the other layla :D)
25. I really dont like riding Roller coasters (they scare me heheh)
26. Every time i go to sleep i have to cover my whole body (even if its super hot and im sweating, i guess i think it is bullet proof hahaha)
27. I prefer candy over chocolate
28. I some times go to sleep without brushing my teeth (i know its gross but some times i too tired to brush my teeth so i just go to sleep)
29.I dont like when people say things bad about themselves (it really annoyes me and makes me feel bad but i know if i tell them otherwise they will continue saying bad things about themselves uggg)
30. When i say something rude to someone i always feel bad after 
31. I always act dumb in front of my crush (its the cant imagine)
32. I like samsung over apple (no offense)
33. I love dresses more than skirts and shirts (i think their easier)
34. Every time a girl in kdrama gets an awesome guy i think i wonder if their actually is a guy like that, and if that can actually happen!!! (grrr -.-)
35. I know all 13 members of Super Junior by their eyes (i know kinda creepy lol)
36. Every time someone yaws i have this tendency of putting my finger into their mouth XD
37. I love movies! (I dont know something about the big screen, popcorn and darkness attract me hehhe)
38. My room is super organized ( to the point where i can tell if someone was in my room like the main guy from Beautiful you, whos name i cant currently remember)
39. I hate watching scary movies.
40. I love lavender ( i dont know something about its smell it makes me feel relaxed.)
41.My favorite super junior member is Yesung (but dont tell anyone i said that hehe)
42.My favorite color is Blue 
43.I like watching romantic comedy's 
44. When i first saw Amber i thought she was a Boy (still not convinced O_o)
45. I secretly wish Yesung were an actor so i can fangirl him (hahhaha)
46. I cant put on eyeliner correctly (Yes i am awful it always comes out weird :|)
47.I like animals (other than amphibians or reptiles lol)
48. Ive never ever actually seen a real life rat. (Thank god :D)
49. I love swimming.
50. I Some times wonder what people somewhere around the world are doing! 
Hope you learned a few things about me and it wasnt too boring! Thanks for reading and Hope you comment, like and follow~ Byeeee >.<

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