Thursday, February 21, 2013

♪DIY Face Mask♪

Here is a DIY Face Mask made of Raw Egg. (Yes you heard me Raw egg, I know right, ewww...) But egg has very good qualities for the face. You can get a free face lift, for no more than 8 minutes. Talk about awesome! > - < So How does this mask work? Well why don't you see for yourself.( ^ 3 ^)
Step 1: Separate eqq white and eqq yolk. Here's a fun easy way of doing this:

                                                      (The trick is being fast, and not squishing the bottle too much)

Step 2: After you separate the eggs, put them in different plates. Then you want to get the egg white and apply it to your face, i used a small paint brush but you can use your fingers if you want.
Step 3: Once you have applied the egg on your face. Wait a few minuites, then do the face test.
Try to smile! If you cant smile like that then you are ready to wash your face lol. 

Step 4: Now get the yolk of the egg and apply it on your face. Do the face test again. Then wash it off.
Step 5: After you put the egg on your face your face pores are now open. One way of getting them closed so that dirt doesn't get in is passing ice around your face. (Cold i know >.<)

Now your face should be clean and firm. So what benefit's does egg have on your face? 
Well here are some:
It helps tighten the skin as you probably felt.
It cleans your pores, so there isn't any dirt.
It cleans your face.
 Has properties that help combat dry skin.
Well hope that helped and you enjoy a clean clear face after this!

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