Saturday, February 23, 2013

♥Just Bitten Kissable lips ^.^

안녕 (Hi lol) Well i just wanted to review this product with you guys. Its called Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Lip Balms. It has a nice variety of color. Lets get to it then hahahha!

I really like this lip balm. It has a nice consistency, and i love the colors too. Claims to be a lightweight lip stain + moisturizing balm, lasts hour after hour, gel formula, and since its retractable then there is no sharpening required...(i didn't know you have to sharpen lip balms...O_o) Well on that note, i believe that it is a lip stain it works really well as a stain. For moisturizing i don't notice that it moisturizes my lip that well, actually i notice that my lips feel a bit dry after using it. So i suggest you use some Vaseline or a lip scrub before you put it on.
I own three in 045 ~ Romantic (Bright Red), 035 ~ Charm (Peachy pink), 001 ~ Honey (Pinky Purple)
Sorry its not such good quality.. LtoR Charm, Romantic, Honey.
1 Swatch, as you can see the red is like the brightest.
My face looks darker here...i think its the lighting. This one is Charm.



Pros: It looks like a crayon. (that could be a bad thing too XD)
12 different colors to choose from
Makes your lips stained for at least 1 hr. (Well the red)
It smells minty
Color Brightens the more coats you add

Cons: Kind of expensive (for a lip balm)
Drys my lips
Product seems to finish quick (used it like 4 times and it lost its crayon shape ╥﹏╥)

Would you buy again?: No beacause i already have three, im thinking of trying something new.

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