Tuesday, February 19, 2013

♥Nail Love♥

Hi Guys! This is my first blog. Yay excited!! Well any ways i would like to fill your life with Mallang Love...(lol so cheesy)

Review:                                              Nail Candy!!ᵔᴥᵔ

First i would like too say how cool the bottle. Its matte just like the polish :D

This is my first time purchasing a product from Etude here is what i thought about it:
Rate: ♥♥♥/5  ≧◡≦
- Pastel colors in MATTE
- Cheap
- Big Nail polish brush
- Cute Bottle
- Its ETUDE!! (What can i say im a sucker for Cutsie things lol)
- Colors crack after application (It's not a cracking polish!! -.-)
- Chips off easily (Very chipped after 3 days)
- Have to put many coats for a nice finish
- Small Bottle
Even though when i put it on it took many coats for a nice finish,  I don’t regret buying these.
It is a cute color for when you want some sweet nails, and reminds me of Strawberry yogurt! =o=
Would I buy it again: Yes, in a different color. (Maybe not matte)

I would like to genuinely thank each and everyone of you for checking out my blog. Thank you!